5 Exercises for Climbers

Five Great Exercises for Climbers to do at Home

One of the most difficult things about rock climbing is the inability to practice skills without traveling to a climbable rock face or visiting a climbing gym. Not being able to dedicate the time needed to visit climbing areas regularly doesn’t mean that climbing skills must suffer. By doing a few different exercises at home, climbers can keep their climbing muscles toned so they can make themselves better climbers. These five great exercises will keep climbers at their best and help them perform better on the rocks.

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This exercise is included in pretty much every exercise plan ever made, and for good reason. Planks strengthen many parts of the body’s core, as well as the arms.
To do a plank, bend elbows at a ninety-degree angle with the forearms resting on the floor, shoulder length apart. Get up onto the toes, keeping the body long and straight. Holding this for as long as possible is a great way to strengthen the core.


The burpee is most intense exercise on this list. They are not only great for working on the chest, legs, arms, and core, they can also be great cardio.
A burpee is done by starting with a squat, going down onto the hands with a squat thrust, doing a push-up, and finishing by hopping back into squatting position.

Rice Bucket

Boxers swear by using a rice bucket to strengthen the flexors in the forearms.
First, about thirty pounds of rice is placed in a bucket. Then, the hand is put in and out of the rice while opening and closing the hand. The rice gives a good amount of resistance which helps to strengthen the forearms and hands.

Pistol Squat

Strong legs are as important for climbing as strong hands and arms. Pistol squats are great for strengthening the legs and improving balance.
A pistol squat is done by balancing on one leg, raising the other in front of the body. Then, bending the support knee until the body can’t be lowered any further.

Finger Hangs

These exercises help to strengthen the fingers. There are various types of finger hangs and they can be completed using a hangboard or even a door frame.
To do a finger hang, grip the ledge of the hangboard or door frame with the fingertips and lift or hang the body for as long as possible. There are many ways to increase the difficulty of this exercise, so checking out some different finger hang exercises is a great idea.

With a little dedication, rock climbers can improve their rock climbing skills without ever having to leave home. This means they will be better prepared the next time they are out climbing, and that is a great thing!

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