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Please Call 435 772 3303  Shuttle to Zion Narrows Chamberlin Ranch Trailhead

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Our Why

Zion Rock and Mountain Guides has a deep sense of awe and admiration for the beautiful scenery of Zion National Park. Our employees choose to be here because they love the park, from it’s unique location to its stunning views. Zion Rock and Mountain Guides’ goal is to make the adventures and beauty that the park is famous for, available to all who wish to experience.

Who We Are

Zion Rock and Mountain Guides is a family owned business and one of the original guiding companies to the area. After 20 years in business, Dean and Jill Woods know what it takes to make sure all visitors have an experience of a lifetime when they visit Zion National Park.

What We Do

Due to the park's size, complexity, and the limited amount of time that visitors typically have to spend here, a lot of the views and activities are missed. It could take years for someone to find the perfect adventure they are looking for if they are searching on their own. Zion Rock and Mountain Guides is a great source to help visitors capture those breathtaking views and adventures that may otherwise be missed.

How We Do It

At Zion Rock and Mountain Guides, our guides are experienced and intimately familiar with Zion National Park. They have been trained in climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, yoga, and the history of the park. Our experience means we can provide all the different adventures that millions of visitors are looking for. We understand that your time here may be limited, so let us help you make the most of it!