Zion Vacations are Fun for the Whole Family

When asked, many people say that family vacations are some of the most memorable times of their life. The bonding, adventure, and new experiences of family vacations have a way of strengthening relationships. Whether vacations were at the beach, in a campground, or in the car on a cross-country journey, they are some of the … read more!

Canyoneering Jargon

Canyoneering Jargon Starting out with any new sport or activity can be a daunting task. Beginners will need to learn etiquette, techniques, and many other important aspects of whatever activity they are starting. From basketball to skydiving, every activity will require a lot of dedication and practice to build skills and become comfortable with the … read more!

What is Canyoneering?

There are so many different adventures that people like to embark on in the outdoors. Some may enjoy swimming, others hiking, but there is one sport that involves many different skills and activities at the same time. This exciting sport is canyoneering. As canyoneering gains popularity, many people are realizing just how exciting this sport … read more!

5 Exercises for Climbers

Five Great Exercises for Climbers to do at Home One of the most difficult things about rock climbing is the inability to practice skills without traveling to a climbable rock face or visiting a climbing gym. Not being able to dedicate the time needed to visit climbing areas regularly doesn’t mean that climbing skills must … read more!

Zion Narrows

Zion Narrows – Zion National Park You may or may not be aware that the Zion Narrows is the highest rated hiking trip in Zion National Park and is also listed by many publications and web-sites as one of the top 100 in the world. In some cases the Zion Narrows hike even makes the … read more!

Rock Climbing in Zion – The Modern Era Climbing Guide

Zion National Park is an amazing park with outstanding routes and challenging levels where the climbers show their ability climbing on the different levels. There are also several good entry levels from grade IV to grade V such as Prodigal Sun, Moonlight Buttress, and Touchstone Wall. Zion also offers challenging trails for experienced hikers. When … read more!

Pack for Hiking – Guidelines on What to pack for Hike

If you are planning on going for a long hiking, then you should pack your backpack with water, food, gear, and other survival equipments. Make a list of all the things you need to pack and according pack your backpack with the necessary things for your trip instead of packing your gear and go for … read more!

Three Famous Lakes near St George – Everybody’s Favorites

People who visit St George naturally want to know what all they could see around the city, and they want to experience everything before they go back to their home town. The best part of visiting St George is, that you can witness the beauty of three lakes located in 30 minutes distance from each … read more!

Exciting Canyoneering in Zion – Ascend it to Believe it

Jared Campbell believes that “A free man is the one who makes his dreams come true.” I Believe I can Fly, Flying Franchise On November 23, 2007, Jared Campbell and his friend Ryan McDermott who is very talented canyoneer started their adventure in Zion on one weekend. After they arrived they wanted to make use … read more!

The Best Mountain Hiking Destination – First-Time Mountaineers Must Know

Choosing the best mountain hiking is important if you are climbing the mountain for the first time as it gives you life-time experience and thrill. All mountain hiking trips permits you to select your hike every day, it’s all depends on your hiking abilities, accordingly you can choose the less difficult climb or more difficult, … read more!

Zion National Park a Heaven on Earth – The Perfect Place to Get Recharged

Zion National Park is a definitely considered as a heaven on earth by many people from all over the world. It’s not an over exaggerating, but, it is a fact that many people visit Zion National Park to wind up their tensions and get recharged by spending some quality time by themselves or with family. … read more!

Why Choose A Jeep Adventure Guid In Zion

When it comes to adventures in or near Zion, what usually comes to mind? Probably the more obvious activities… Hiking, camping, swimming, etc. However, did JEEPING ever come to mind? That’s right. When you choose an adventure in Zion, make sure you get the best possible experience out of it. Jeeping is one of the … read more!

Zion closure from the perspective of a shop employee

The Man shut us down again “Screw the feds!” a disappointed tourist couple from New York pronounced this morning as they returned their unused rental gear here at the Zion Rock outfitting shop. “No one is allowed to recreate in Zion today,” they said. “The Man shut us down again!” Zion National Park officially closed … read more!


Welcome to the NEW Zion Rock and Mountain Guides We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! We hope that with the changes we have made you will be able to see what great tours and courses we have to offer. We are expert guides for Southern Utah adventure. Zion Rock and … read more!

Its the fourth of july weekend !!

Its going to be mid 90s high lows 60s .Spend the fourth in breathtaking Zions. Take a jeep tour and see Zion like you never have.Hope everyone has a safe and fun fourth!