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Zion National Park Main Canyon – Zion Rock Mountain Guides Hike Reviews

There are definitely some must do trails in the park. Start with the must do’s and move to the excellents. It’s not that the others are not worthy-It’s just that these are what you are really here for. Some of the connectors are great for adding mileage for continuous hiking.

Trail Names
Our Rating
Pa’rus Trail OK-Dogs/Bikes
Watchman Trail OK
Court of The Patriarchs Viewpoint OK-Short
Sand Bench Trail OK Hot/Sandy
Emerald Pools Must Do
Grotto-Lodge Connector Good to add miles
Kayenta Connector Trail Good to add miles
Angel’s Landing Must Do
West Rim Trail Good
Weeping Rock Must Do-Short
Hidden Canyon Adventurous
Observation Point Steep-Worth It
East Rim Trail Good-Spring Fall
Riverside Walk Must Do
Zion Narrows (bottom up) Must Do


Zion Eastside & North Fork Road Map

Canyon Overlook Excellent/ Short
East Rim Trail Good-views
Deertrap Mountain Good-Long
Cable Mtn Good-Long
Observation Pointvia East Mesa Trail Excellent-Easy Way
Orderville Canyon Good Adventure
Zion Narrows (top down) Must Do


Southwest Desert Map

Chinle Trail Not Summer
Coalpits Wash Good-not summer
Huber Wash OK
Scoggins Wash OK


Kolob Terrace Road Map

Right Fork Good-H2O
Grapevine Good-H2O
Left Fork (Subway)(bottom up) Excellent-H2O
Hop Valley Trail Good-Sandy
Connector Trail OK-adds mileage
Wildcat Trail OK-adds mileage
Northgate Peaks Excellent-Views
Subway (top down-Technical) Must Do
West Rim Trail Excellent


Kolob Canyons Map

Middle Fork of Taylor Creek Excellent
South Fork of Taylor Creek Excellent
La Verkin Creek Excellent-Spring/Fall
Kolob Arch Trail Excellent
Willis Creek Good-addition
Beartrap Canyon Good-addition
Timber Creek Overlook You’re there


The Big One Map

The Grandaddy Zion Traverse Must DoBackpack Trip

Geographic Considerations

Zion’s Geography is very unique. Steep cliffs and deep canyons make for discontinuous routes and lots of out and back hiking. Hiring a hikers shuttle to get you to the top of some of these hikes makes for more pleasant hikes back down into the canyon. East Rim and West Rim are among these.

Be Prepared

Many of the trails are quite steep. Hiking these natural stair-masters in the desert heat works up a great deal of sweat. Heat and sun exposure incidents are common in Zion. Drink! And Eat! It is important to keep your body well hydrated and fueled throughout the day with frequent snacks. Save your skin and regulate your temperature by wearing sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing. The desert is a harsh environment with extreme temperature changes in just one day. Sunny and hot one minute, freezing cold and storming the next. You should be prepared for anything! Weather happens! Cold, hot, wind, rain, hail, or snow can occur any time of the year. Always carry appropriate clothing for a wide range of conditions, you’ll be happy you did!


The Grandaddy Zion Traverse

This is the big boy. This trip is usually done in three nights and allows you to traverse from the Northwest most portion of Zion to the most South East if you are hearty. This trail is a combination of the following trails.