Das Boot

Das Boot

Das Boot

Das Boot

Das Boot

The Subway Direct Start  Left Fork, Great West Canyon


 4B IV


 Summer or Fall. Two hours of swimming is required. The lower part of the canyon is in the full sun.


 6 to 10 hours.

Longest Rappel:

 40 feet (13 meters)


 Wetsuits or Drysuits. 80 feet of rope. Drybags for your gear.

Drinking Water:

 Carry your own or a pump. Pumpable water is found after about half way through.


 The Guardian Angels


 Rappels to 40'. Two hours of swimming and pothole thrashing. A few small rappels off of natural anchors. This is a serious and unforgiving technical adventure only suitable for fit and experienced canyoneers.


 This is a through trip, and requires a car spot or short hitch.


 REQUIRED: available to Park Visitor Center , Backcountry Desk. Reservations taken up to a month in advance and are highly recommended. 5$ per permit.

Flash Flood Danger:

 High. Weather Report available at Visitor Center . The upper section of the canyon is long and unrelenting.

The Famous "Subway" is an easy and incredibly scenic canyoneering adventure. Hidden upstream from the usual start is a wonderful, tight, dark, cold and wet canyoneering narrows that makes a much more adventurous start to the classic (and not very difficult) Subway. The "Das Boot Variation" offers easy access to the kind of tight, twisty and wet narrows found in many more "extreme" canyons like Heaps or Imlay, however, due to its unrelenting nature, this is a journey only for prepared and experienced canyoneers. GPS and a good map are pretty much required to get in at the right place.

What's it like? How about a one-third mile stretch that takes 2 hours to negotiate? A long, underground narrows with only an occasional view of the sun. Wading and swimming for 2 hours straight. Numerous log jams to climb over or rappel from. A few short drops requiring skilled downclimbing or short rappels. And not very much light, so I can't show you much in the way of photographs.

Getting There

From Zion Main Canyon , drive south on Highway 9 to the town of Virgin, and turn right on the Kolob Reservoir Road . The well-signed Left Fork Trailhead is on the right 8.1 miles from Virgin. Spot a car here. Hitch or drive another 7 miles up the Road to the "Wildcat Canyon Trailhead". If using one car, it is much better to leave a car at the bottom and hitch first. Hitching on the KT road is pretty easy, especially early in the morning.

Das Boot Variation

From the " Wildcat Canyon " trailhead, follow the trail 30 minutes past the first trail junction (The Hop Valley Connector), then right (South) at the second trail toward Northgate Peaks . Follow this a short way (2 mins) before leaving the trail to the left and dropping into a slickrock bowl. There is a prominent, unmaintained, but well cairned trail along this entire "backcountry" route. IF you are not following a prominent trail, you are getting lost. Hike down slickrock into a beautiful forest. Follow the trail through the forest and out onto a ridge, that then heads left, dropping into Russell Gulch.

This is where the Das Boot variation heads off from the usual path. Looking down from the ridge, note a slickrock pass above the usual slickrock pass. Descend and cross Russell Gulch, then climb to the higher slickrock pass. From there, climb straight up and slightly right to gain a bench. Cross the corner of the bench and descend shallow gullies heading southeast toward a complex of gullies and ridges toward the Left Fork visible ahead. Make sure there is a substantial ridge on your right. Work your way down trying to avoid difficulties (3rd class) to a canyon bottom. Follow the canyon past some brushy sections, some sandy sections and some slickrock sections to where it drops into the Left Fork. Avoid rappelling in by traversing upcanyon (4th class) to where a steep brushy slope descends to the bottom of the canyon.

Let the Games Begin!

The narrows begin immediately. Wade on in. We were fortunate to find fairly clean water, recently flushed by a rainy period. Wade, swim, climb, rappel, etc. for about 2 hours. It is beautiful and challenging down there, and even on a brutally hot day (108 degrees in St George) we were very chilly in our shortee wet suits. Good Luck.

The end of this section is marked by a 30 foot waterfall, with a large ledge on the right. Rappel the waterfall directly off the logjam. (There used to be a tree off to the right, but it expired). Downcanyon 100 yards (100 m) is the intersection with the Subway regular route. (If short on time, one can ascend the regular Subway start, rather than completing the Subway). Enjoy the Subway or the exit.