Zion Canyon Overview

Some of the trails in Zion are like big jungle gyms. They are fun and exciting, but they also require the hiker to be alert and careful. Trails like Angel’s Landing and Hidden Canyon lure the hiker along uneven exposed steps with chains for balance. The Narrows hike is, at times, similar to hiking on greasy bowling balls. It also has a few small cliffs and waterfalls that become diving boards for excited children. The adventure factor is high, but the risk of injury is also high for the unknowing visitor. The number one reason to call out the Zion Search and Rescue Team is falling/slipping accidents. Don’t be careless and keep your children close! The Canyon Overlook trail, Emerald Pools, and Observation Point have steep drop-offs, be aware of your surroundings especially around the cliff edges. Suppress the urge to jump, make good decisions. Not only are rescues in Zion labor intensive and difficult, but the rescuers are often putting their lives in danger to save you.