Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

This may be one of the most exciting five-mile roundtrip hikes you’ll ever take in your life. Beginning at the Grotto you’ll huff and puff up the steep switchbacks of the historic West Rim Trail which then abruptly enters the cool and mysteriously shaded depths of Refrigerator Canyon . From here you will make the amazing ascent of Walter’s Wiggles, a stone and masonry wall with 21 very tight switchbacks which leads out onto Scout’s Lookout where you gain your first views of the Virgin River below, some one thousand feet straight down. At this point you leave the West Rim Trail to start the half-mile route to the top of Angel’s Landing, 500 feet above. This trail is steep and exposed with cables provided to help make your way along a sharp ridgeline. Scouts Lookout is a great stopping point for those with small children or a fear of heights. The tough should definitely persevere onward and upward reveling in their success at the top. Be sure to get a picture for the water cooler meetings at work.