The Emerald Pools – Zion National Park

The Emerald Pools are three separate spring fed pools connected by a stream that is located just across the canyon road from the Zion Lodge. There are trails to all three pool areas and options for doing it as a loop hike back to the Lodge. The lower trail is a moderate hike with little elevation gain and ends up at a beautiful alcove with two small waterfalls emptying into the shaded lower pool. From here it is moderately strenuous to climb up through narrow clefts in the rock to the twin streams above which pond up in shallow depressions and are the middle pools. From here the more strenuous dead-end trail to the upper pool rewards the hiker with a deep blue pool sitting beneath the massive sheer face of Lady Mountain . It is one of Zion ‘s most breathtaking scenes. The Emerald Pools is a great hike for the late afternoon when this side of the canyon is shaded from the relentless desert sun.