The Zion Narrows

(from the Riverside Walk)

The Zion Narrows are one of the great geological wonders of the world to behold. Here the Virgin River has carved a two thousand foot cleft directly into the relatively soft Navajo Sandstone layer creating what is known as a slot canyon. The Zion Narrows and its tributary drainages contain the deepest slot canyons in the world. The hiker must ford the river in many spots and sometimes walk upstream against the current. Spring through fall is the best time to attempt this hike. The possibility of summer flash floods and the difficulties of wading in water make it important that you are prepared and well informed before you set out. Zion Rock & Mountain Guides has a wide array of equipment you can access for your Narrows adventure including walking sticks, canyon shoes and dry suits & wetsuits. Current river conditions are posted daily at their retail store on Zion Park Blvd. in Springdale , so by all means come on in before you go to check it out.