Exciting Canyoneering in Zion – Ascend it to Believe it

Jared Campbell believes that “A free man is the one who makes his dreams come true.” I Believe I can Fly, Flying Franchise

On November 23, 2007, Jared Campbell and his friend Ryan McDermott who is very talented canyoneer started their adventure in Zion on one weekend. After they arrived they wanted to make use of the spare hour by setting a record on Pine Creek. Both of them are very experienced and they are well aware of the odds as they have done this several times before. In a single 100 inch line with a 60m rope, they took off from the east Tunnel parking lot in a rapid mode. They finished two rappels in just 14mins 50seconds. They quickly ran out to the usual exit from Pine Creek, striking the road at 30mins and 50sec. they happy about their adventure skills, but, they want to be perfect in rope work and in receipt of finishing the drainage quickly, they wish to descend the drainage in about 25mins pavement to pavement. Both the friends are happy about this sport and take a moment to feel thankful for not breaking anything. They enjoyed every moment, Good Times!
Next day they did winter drop of the complete Kolob Canyon that was awesome and quite challenging. The drop has icy pools and Narrows, and they planned to go on a Winter Canyoneering for the next trip.

April in Pine Creek
Photo Credit: Bill Church on flickr

May 17, 2008

On May 17th, 2008, Jared Campbell climbed through a Keyhole Canyon with his friends at very relaxing pace, so he decided to try little rapid mode. He was equipped with just <ahref=”http: www.sportiva.com”=””>LaSportivaFireblades, 20 feet of webbing, and running shorts. He parked the car at Keyhole, from there he run down to the road, ripped up the Sandstone wash and reached hoodos and continued to execute “controlled falling” along the root polluted hill and through the main canyon section. He passed a group of 6 climbers with neoprene socks, dry-suits, sticky rubber boots, gloves, etc. ready for a real canyoneering experience. He dropped the rope down, the first drop, and slip down the tree and continued several drops very quickly. He used the 20 feet of webbing for the compulsory rappel. Next, he jumped the final water section and swam through it, which is actually easier and faster than climbing elevated hikes. It is quite a challenging task, as long as your heart is fine, you are fine. The most enthralling moments, Good Times!</ahref=”http:>

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