Pack for Hiking – Guidelines on What to pack for Hike

If you are planning on going for a long hiking, then you should pack your backpack with water, food, gear, and other survival equipments. Make a list of all the things you need to pack and according pack your backpack with the necessary things for your trip instead of packing your gear and go for the trip. When you are packing the backpack it looks that it is an easy job, but it is the tough task which makes the difference between comfortable trip and uncomfortable trip.

Hiking essentials.
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The Right Pack

Fanny pack is the right pack for day hikes. It is not too big, but it holds everything you need for the day, and it is available in very affordable price and made by outdoor products. This inexpensive gear suits well for backpackers and new hikers. Though it doesn’t look attractive but it is very useful to pack the necessary things for a day hike. You can also shift the weight from your waist to your shoulder.

Knapsack is a larger pack that can be carried on your shoulder, but not just on your waist. The problem is you will pack a lot of unnecessary things thinking that it has more room left. You can pack two or three people stuff together and take turns in carrying it. But it is really not a good idea to carry a heavy backpack while hiking. All that you need for hiking is basic essentials that keeps you strong and helps you finish the trial.

Minimize Weight

You don’t need to pack the entire shop in a small backpack. Plan it well and make a gear list, and pack it accordingly. And after you come back check the list to find what items you used and what you didn’t use. Next time when you go for a trip you can skip those items, but be wise don’t be so dumb that last time you didn’t use some stuff can be useful this time like raingear, if last time it didn’t rain which means this time also it won’t rain, it does work like that, so pack sensibly.
When you are with a group, then you split the gear among the group to minimize the weight. But it is advisable to keep all the essentials with you like water bottles, etc. you can share the stuff like bug repellant, sunscreen, water filters etc.

Choosing the right clothing also plays a big role in your hiking trip. Light weight clothing like synthetic fabrics is better for hiking than a natural fiber. Choose clothing different during winter hiking to keep you warm like wicking can keep you away from sweat and insulating layer to keep you warm. Rain gear can keep you warm when it is raining. You can choose the clothing according to weather conditions.

Check you gear:

1. Check all batteries are new
2. Fill the water bottle with clean water
3. Check if the buckles and belts are tight on your backpack
4. Check if the knife is sharpen or nor
5. Check your first aid kit.

Before going on your hiking trip, make sure that you are ready with everything. If you are confirmed then you are ready to hike.
Conclusion: Don’t forget to pack enough water, which keeps you hydrated, even on cloudy days, cold days or short hikes. Water is a must; keep drinking water the entire day to keep you hydrated. A cell phone can be use full if have a signal. Carry some zip-loc bags to keep electronic stuff safe if it rains.

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