Spring Break

We have discovered that the most important thing in life is recess. Finland is one of the highest ranked school systems in the world. They have no subjects, no tests, and no homework. They also employ three hours of recess per day. Recess allows the children to develop relationships and social skills with less direction from the teachers. The children go onto graduate with the highest scores and the highest success with their transitions to college.

Spring break in Zion National Park provides adventures to break free from stress and pressures from school. NASA even uses the canyons in Southern Utah so that the astronauts can develop their social skills and solve complicated problems as a group. Zion Canyoneering or as some call it Zion Canyoning is easily accessible and can be done by people of all skill levels. We have people come to us Zion Canyoneering from all age groups. The youngest client that we have had is three years, and our oldest are 90 years old.

For those that are more adventurous and are looking for a greater challenge we also provide rock climbing, mountain biking, ebike adventures, and hiking. All of these activities in Zion National Park and The Red Desert around will provide the best recess that you can have with the people that you care most about.

Call us @435.772.3303, Larry will help you book with Zion Rock and Mountain Guides today. You are great and wonderful.

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