The Best Mountain Hiking Destination – First-Time Mountaineers Must Know

Choosing the best mountain hiking is important if you are climbing the mountain for the first time as it gives you life-time experience and thrill. All mountain hiking trips permits you to select your hike every day, it’s all depends on your hiking abilities, accordingly you can choose the less difficult climb or more difficult, option is yours. One thing you should know clearly, that the quality and level of trail system and hiking infrastructure can differ from one mountain region to the other. Therefore, the nature of the mountain hiking experience differs from one destination to other.

Photo Credit: Peter and Danka on flickr

Each mountain destination has its own nature and gives its own kind of trail experience. Here you can find some helpful details where you can evaluate the features of each mountain region and mountain hiking prospects it offers.

There are numerous mountaineering opportunities to share with your loved ones. It is advisable to take a tour guide who knows everything about history, geography, art, mountain goat, raconteur, best translation, etc.


Mountain hiking across Gschnagenhardt Alm gives you lifetime experience. It is one of the wonderful meadowlands in the Dolomites.

1. Italian Dolomites: The graceful yet striking pinnacles and spires of the Italian Dolomites ascend above verdant meadows, valleys and deep forests filled with alpine community making one of the wonderful and friendly mountains with natural landscapes. There is no other mountain nearby where you can find beauty and it is incomparable as the peaks of dolomites are elegant, at first look, the pointy outline of the mountains might propose that they are more perfect for mountaineers than for hikers. But the main attractions of the mountains are a group of trails that offers full variety of hiking abilities.

Climb across the Alphe di Siusi, one of the beautiful and extensive alpine meadowlands of Europe, which contains paths that go across ridgetops high above tree-line. If you are ready and able to handle heights, then the Dolomites are best to attempt as they offer special and challenging ways.

2. The Rifugio Fonda Savio below the spires of the Cadini Mountain Range offers plenty of chairlifts and cable cars to boost up your energy to take up the adventure. Also along the Trails Mountains you can find rifugi where you can get minestrone, cappuccino and apple strudel. The mountain range also offers comfort and warm accommodations and hospitality by hotel staff.

The beautiful landscape and the hospitality of local people give you the experience of the warmth and the excitement of climbing. It is the perfect choice for the first-time mountaineers that offer easy climbing experiences.

3. Carpathian Mountains: Carpathian Mountains are the second great mountain range in Europe. The geographic extent of the mountain is nine hundred miles; though it is larger than Alps it is mostly unknown to North Americans. You can take a mountain trip from Budapest to Krakow across a range of European mountain landscapes in Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. This path offers you a wide view of the Carpathian Mountains and a range of vast plains of the Carpathian Basin on the northern slopes.

In Slovakia, the landscape offers a mixture of forested rims elevating in heights towards northward. Slovakia’s Spis region provides splendid walking in a landscape by ruined castles, walled towns, and onion-domed churches. Tatra Mountains, the highest and only the portion of the Carpathian Mountain range provide splendid paths for hiking.

Choosing the right mountain range for hiking can make your trip more exciting and enthusiastic and you will be eager to plan another thrilling trip with friends and family. You can browse the internet for more information on famous mountain hiking regions and plan your trip accordingly.

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