Three Famous Lakes near St George

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People who visit St George naturally want to know what all they could see around the city, and they want to experience everything before they go back to their home town. The best part of visiting St George is, that you can witness the beauty of three lakes located in 30 minutes distance from each lake at St George, which gives you the most exciting experience. Each lake has a set of negative and positive features. Here we tried to provide you with some information to know more about these lakes and what you can expect when you visit these awesome lakes of St George.

Sand Hallow: Sand Hallow is Utah’s newest lake and state park which is attracting many visitors with its warm blue waters and beautiful red sandstone surroundings and awe-inspiring scenery around the lake. To experience the peak you must take a boat ride and fish on sand Hallow Reservoir. One must experience the ride at sand dune, which gives the most thrilling experience. Drive through the Sand Mountain and camp in the new campsites. This is one of the favorite lakes of many people that give you the flabbergasting experience with its unmatchable beauty and peaks for the visitors.

The lake management offers the best amenities to the visitors. They also offers RV camping spots, paddle board and canoe rentals, ancient camping areas, cliff jumping and beautiful beaches , etc. Adjacent to the lake you can see the beautiful sand dunes that many people enjoy riding their bikes and quads and you will be enjoying the most beautiful landscapes and beauty when you look over from the reservoir.

Couple of drawbacks of Sand Hollow is that there will be occasional outbreaks, but officials will inform you if there is any bigger problem. And other drawback of the lake is it is very crowded throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Kesler Ottley on flickr

Quail Lake: Quail Lake is closer to Sand Hollow; this lake comes before the Sand Hollow. It is one of the oldest lakes in Utah and it is very famous for waterskiing and wake boarding. It is not as crowded as Sand Hollow but it offers the most exciting and trilling experience of great water that you are sure to enjoy the most.

The place offers you the beautiful structure set up and RV camping spots and Primitive camping spots for the visitors. The lake gives you the stunning experience with its amazingly beautiful landscape, which is nowhere lesser than the Sand Hollow.

Gunlock Lake: Gunlock is little different from Sand Hallow and Quail lakes. It gives you unique experience to the visitors. It is located at West St George and it is smaller lake when compared to Sand Hallow and Quail, but it is big enough for fishing and wake boarding.

The lake is surrounded with red mountains which make it exceptionally beautiful to look at it, especially when you watch the lake during sunset you can enjoy the beauty of the lake. You can never forget the beauty and the enchanting surrounding of the lake in your life, it is surrounded with the mountains that are lit up with the bright red and orange which is definitely a sight to remember.

But unfortunately, the beautiful Gunlock as been a victim of recent drought and it is not able to provide the boat facility to the visitors.
These three lakes are America’s favorite lakes that are located in Utah and they are the best to visit to and quench your thirst with it outstanding beauty. Get more information about the lakes in the internet and plan to visit them in your next trip.

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