Weather and Zion Canyoneering

Planning your expedition to Zion according to the weather needs to be flexible. Weather changes which hikes, canyons, or climbs that are available and rational for you to go through. Choosing wisely can ensure the success of your visit to Zion National Park. 

The Narrows is a very popular hike in Zion. The Narrows can be from the top down which is a 16 mile hike. You will be in the river most of the time. The water temperature, the water level, and the air temperature will affect the feasibility of your hike. Even getting to the trailhead at the beginning of the trip (chamberlain ranch) will require the gravel road to be dry, free from snow and ice, which can change rapidly depending on the weather. This also requires a special permit from the park. 

The Narrows from the bottom-up is only a four mile up and a four mile hike back down the river. It is not required that you go the complete four miles. You can go as far as you want depending on the air temperature, water temperature and your energy levels. If you are going up stream and start to feel tired, it is always best to remember not to overextend yourself. 

Many of the canyons in Zion and surrounding Zion can be subject to flash flooding. It is always best to check with the park and weather conditions before embarking on any adventures in Zion. Zion Rock and Mountain Guides can lead you through canyons that are not subject to flash flooding, so if there are questionable weather conditions we can take you to slot canyons that will not be affected by flash flooding.

If you have any questions please call (435) 772 3303, and we can help you schedule and plan your trip to Zion. 

This is the website for the Zion Backcountry Desk to reserve permits in the backcountry.

This is NOAA to check the weather of the area, and any weather alerts that may be happening.

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