eight limbs yoga
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The awe and beauty of your expeditions will help everyone find a more profound sense of being.

Yet when we are juggling with hotel reservations, airport security, and potential drama in the group it may be very difficult to find a direction of why everyone wanted to be on the trip in the first place.

Yoga will help everyone balance their focus on what is important to them on your vacation and throughout the expedition.

This is why yoga is important. By taking some time to practice yoga your group will find deeper levels of fun, support, and sanity for your vacation.  

We have an incredible team with a rich yoga background to help your group find their path.

Eight main Aspects of yoga

Things to avoid in your world.

Important things about yourself.

Holding yourself.

Using your energy.

Letting go of the crap.

Directing your attention

Holding your attention.

Absorbing yourself into what you are doing.

In all of our trips, we can add the practice of yoga. If you want.