Zion Dreams

There is a shop in town where in one way or the other guides have helped people find a connection to the spiritual. The most elite climbers and mountain people of the area have guided here. It is a school of hard knocks in their training and in the way that the business is run as it is not a place of souvenirs or tourist plastic. What comes out of this little old shack a sandstone wall’s fall away from destruction has been raw grit.

Everyone dreams of doing yoga in Zion. We get to do a few poses on top of the mountains for social media and then once and a while the park takes us in and captures our hearts. Hours go by among the mountain towers and they make us forget about time. Everyone dreams of doing yoga in Zion.

The sun rises over a wall of sandstone cliffs on the east side of town. Johnson Peak, The Watchman, and the Great White Thrown are famous for the glowing peaks and shadow that are created from the rising sun.  As the sun crests over them it is as if the nuclear fusions that are happening at the core of the sun shapes the hearts anew again.

If you are ready to feel this power please call 435-772-3303 to make an appointment. Larry will tell you are great and wonderful for being so brave.