Who we are

Guided Adventures in Zion - Zion Park Adventures

No fluff - All Adventure

As you explore our site and gather information you might notice that we are a little different than our competitors. Along with the photos of clients having a great time you'll see photos of our guides and friends pushing their limits in the same realm you are coming to explore. We at Zion Rock and Mountain Guides are really an extended family of good-natured, fun-lovin' individuals who have built a community of top-notch climbers and canyoneers. If you want the real deal then you have found the right place my friend. No concocted, watered down, fluffy or fruity experiences here-just good ole adventure with good ole boys/gals doing what they love and sharing it with you.

Knowledgeable and Accomplished Guides and Staff

We are the Southern Utah adventure experts. We pride ourselves on having the most experienced and accomplished guides in Southern Utah. We hire individuals who have a zeal for the outdoors and have accomplished experience in the different disciplines that we offer.

Our employees are outdoor professionals and are paid as such. Since our inception we have made it a goal to not only be a viable business but one that feels compassion for nurturing the guiding careers of our employees. We want to ensure that those who work for us are paid a just and sustainable wage based on their responsibilities and unique skills. In this fashion we ensure that our staff can make a reasonable living doing what they love while sharing their pursuits with you.

Our Mission

  • To be the Southern Utah adventure experts
  • To hold in high regard the value of guided experiences and instructional courses
  • To take pride in offering the best with regards to:
    • Knowledge
    • Experience
    • Ability to teach
    • Having fun

Meet Our Team

Zion is our home. Our enthusiasm comes from the fact that we have all chosen to live in a virtual playground of outdoor activities. We are passionate about what we do and it shows.

We have chosen our guides based on their diverse backgrounds and intimate local knowledge of Southern Utah. Check out our Guide Bios to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Please consider the following when comparing our services to those of other guides in the area:

  • Group Sizes
    • We like to keep groups small. It affords you more time to work on individual skills and creates less distractions. Keeping it quaint also allows us to better enjoy the wilderness settings and not disturb others.
  • Guide Qualifications and Accomplishments
    • Check out our guide bio page and you'll see that you are truly getting on board with experts.
  • The Breadth and Continuity of Our Programs
    • In our ongoing effort to remain the most comprehensive guide and instructional service in Southern Utah we have developed a range of programs for the aspiring outdoor individual.
    • We have committed ourselves to offering:
      • Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Courses-nationally recognized medical training for the outdoors with Wilderness Medicine Institute.  Our Wilderness First Responder Course is certified through a nationally accredited program.
      • Leave No Trace programs that perpetuate respect and responsibility for the wilderness
      • Search and Rescue training programs for organized rescue teams
      • Self-Rescue Courses for both disciplines of canyoneering and climbing
      • Wilderness Leadership Workshops (Boyscouts, Church Groups, Youth Groups)
      • International Trips (Expeditions & Treks)
  • Work Shops and Slideshows
    • We also present specialized workshops for skills applicable to the different activities we teach. We bring in Individuals who are at the forefront of their disciplines.
      • Big Wall Speed Climbing Seminar (Techniques, Specialized Gear...)
      • Big Walls Logistics and Planning Seminar
      • Canyoneering Pothole Escapes/Aid Climbing Seminar
      • Speed in the Canyons Seminar (efficient logistical planning and techniques to speed up your trip safely)