Our Team


Dean Woods - Owner/Guide
Dean has been exploring Zion since the mid 70's. With numerous descents of Zion's major canyons and many ascents of Zion's aid and free climbing routes he has become an invaluable resource for adventurers visiting Zion. As an owner of Zion Rock and Mountain Guides he now has ample opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with visitors to Zion. Dean has been involved with Zion's Technical Search and Rescue Team for the last 11 years functioning as an Instructor and Lead Rigger.

Stuart has many years of experience of guiding in the Park. Yoga in the Park. Wilderness Therapy in the Park. MTB, Canyoneering, Mountain Climbing, Crisis Management, Addiction Recovery. The best place for all of these is in the Park.
Sylvan has been facilitating outdoor recreation since 2011, having guided backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoneering, skiing and interpretive hiking throughout Washington, Texas and Utah.
Joshua Durum is a hiking, canyoneering, and climbing guide at Zion Rock Mountain Guides in Utah. He fell in love with canyoneering immediately after moving to Utah from Louisiana. Being what seemed to be a completely different universe he dove deep into the world of Canyoneering.