Zion Shuttle Service


Most of Zion's backcountry hikes are not accessible with the park's free shuttle system and many of them require lots of driving time to shuttle vehicles. Let us save you the hassles so that when you are done with your hike you can enjoy some good food and maybe a beer at the Bit and Spur.

Visitor Center: the south end at the flagpole (Drive into the visitor center parking lot. The flag pole is near a pull-out on the left.) See the aerial picture below to the left.

Narrows, East Canyon, and Lee Pass Shuttles Prices are 60 dollars per person with a $240.00 minimum. When there are more than 4 people on the shuttle the price will be 60 dollars per person. If less than four people are booked for the shuttle then the people on the shuttle will share the increased cost. You will be informed the day before so that you can have the opportunity to take the offer or receive a refund.   Call for pricing for other shuttle locations.

Lava Point, Wildcat, Hop Valley, is 55 dollars per person with a $210.00 min.

Reservations- are required for all shuttles. Call (435)772-3303.

Please call for further answers to questions and about which trailhead you want.

Important! We are on Mountain Time (same as Denver, CO) - please make sure you arrive at the pickup point at the right time. If you are coming from Vegas there is an hour delay, as they are in a different time zone. Unfortunately, we can NOT do anything if you show up late. No refunds if you miss the shuttle.

Cancellation Policy- there are no cancellations within 14 days of your scheduled shuttle.

Zion Narrows Shuttle

(May - October)

Eastside Shuttles
  • Orderville Canyon
  • East Rim Trailhead
  • Englestead Canyon
  • Mystery Canyon (East Mesa Trailhead)
  • Birch Canyon
Kolob Terrace Road Shuttles
  • Lava Point (West Rim Trailhead)
  • Wildcat Canyon (Subway top-down Trailhead)
  • Hop Valley Trailhead
  • Connector Trail
Kolob Canyons Shuttles
  • Lee Pass (Kolob Arch, Granddaddy Zion Traverse)
Ariel view of visitors Center where we will pick you up from. By the flagpole.