Zion Shuttle Service

Zion NarrowsMost of Zion’s backcountry hikes are not accessible with the park’s free shuttle system and many of them require lots of driving time to shuttle vehicles. Let us save you the hassles so that when you are done with your hike you can enjoy some good food and maybe a beer at the Bit and Spur.

Pick-up locations:

Reservations- are required for all shuttles. Call (866) 599.3938.

Important: We are on Mountain Time (same as Denver, CO)please make sure you arrive at the pickup point at the right time. Unfortunately we can NOT do anything if you show up late.

Cancellation Policy- there are no cancellations within 14 days of your scheduled shuttle.

For specific rates please visit Zion Shuttle Service Page.

New!! Canyon Outfitting and Shuttle Package Rates
Rent any Narrows/Canyon Outfitting Package and pay $3.00 less for your shuttle.