Cordillera Huayhuash / Cordillera Raura

Relatively unexplored by outsiders until the 1950's, the Cordillera Huayhuash is one of the classic trekking destinations of the world. In our variation, we will cross several high passes and camp alongside trout-filled lakes. After traversing the length of the Huayhuash, we'll continue along through the equally remote Cordillera Raura. The trek will ultimately take us to the village of Mina Raura, and Laguna Ninococha, the source of the Amazon!

We'll also have the opportunity to ascend the non-technical peak of Nevado Leon Huaccanan. The climbing isn't difficult, but crosses glaciers and snow slopes, and requires the use of ice-axe, crampons, rope, and harness. No prior glacier travel or snow climbing experience is necessary, but this optional ascent is strenuous and a high level of fitness is required.

The Quechua culture is strongly present in the villages of this part of Peru, and it's not uncommon to encounter campesinos who speak only Quechua.

The abundant native flora and fauna includes puma, condors, vicuna, and several varieties of over-sized flowering lupines.

The route is inspiring with it's breath-taking beauty, and requires a high level of commitment and stamina.

Cordillera Huayhuash

  • From: 5 July
  • To: 17 July
  • Total Days: 13