Huascaran, Ascend Peru's Highest Peak

At 6768 Meters (22,335') above sea level, Huascaran is the Crown Jewel of the Cordillera Blanca and the highest peak in Peru. We will climb the Garganta route, the classic route of first ascent. Although the climbing on Huascaran's Garganta Route is only moderately difficult, climbers should be prepared for extreme cold, high altitude, and the hardships of an extended expedition. Extra care has been taken to ensure ample time for a safe and thorough acclimatization. Ideal preparation for those wishing to attempt technical Alaskan or Himalayan expeditions, or our Alpamayo Ascent. Register for Huascaran and Alpamayo Ascents!

Huascaran, Peru

  • From: 4 July
  • To: 19 July
  • Total Days: 15

Other Dates

  • From: 28 June
  • To: 13 July
  • Total Days: 16