• Do I need any experience?
    • No, depending on the trails chosen there may be some uneven and steep terrain, but the skills associated can be taught and learned during or time together.
  • How physically fit do I need to be?
    • Fitness helps! – but the trails and terrain we choose dictates how hard our trip might be. A guided interpretive hike can be a fantastic way of introducing folks to the joy of hiking.
  • Can Kids do this trip?
    • Absolutely! Kids are natural hikers climbers. They climb curtains and couches and when rock is present they climb that too. There is no better time for an introdauction to the world of hiking than when you are a kid.
  • How young or old can you be to participate?
    • We really don’t have age limits as everyone is different. It’s kind of a case by case basis. Four years of age seems to be about the age when kids start to appreciate it. Seniors are welcome as well. Let us know if you have concerns.
  • Can people who are scared of heights enjoy the hikes of zion?
    • Absolutely! If you are willing to give it a shot. For some, it is a great way to overcome or at least face your fear. We like to say that there is good fear and bad fear. Good fear keeps you alive, whereas bad fear keeps you from doing things that you are capable of. We can also tailor trips that don’t have near as much exposure as trails like Angel’s Landing.
  • What if one of us does not want to continue or wants to sit a particular hike out?
    • Once we are on a trail we are a pack and we willl stick together. The park dictates that we are legally responsible for your safety while on a trip. Think hard about this before you book a trip and discuss with us any concerns you might have. We can almost always tailor a day to suit any need.
  • Do you provide transportation?
    • During the summer we utilize the park’s free shuttle system for all trails in the main canyon of Zion.

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