Zion Canyoneering Guides


Our guided canyoneering trips will give you the opportunity to experience a new self-awareness as you challenge yourself to learn and experience new things in an amazing canyon environment. You take in the grandeur and beauty while one of our guides leads the way dealing with decision making, logistics, route-finding and safety.


In order to help you gain the skills needed to travel safely in the backcountry we have developed courses that are designed as progressional education units. Each canyoneering course builds on the elements learned in the preceding course. If your canyoneering skill level doesn't exactly fit the mold of a given course let us know what you would like to work on and we will tailor the course for you.


Corporate Trips, Yoga Trips,

Retreats are All available with these Adventures

  • Man walking the Narrows in Zion National Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Mountain Biking on Thunder Mountain
  • Leopard Skin Climb in Snow Canyon

Call us for more details!

Zion Canyoneering- Guided Trips


Our guided canyoneering trips are filled with fun and excitement as you enter a world of adventure.

Canyoneering Zion - Instructional Courses


We can help you reach your canyoneering goals. Our Instructional Canyoneering Zion course curriculums are meant to take you from complete beginner to canyon leader.


If you want a course tailored to your own needs, or simply want one on one instruction, then private guiding is for you. Contact us and let us know what would best suit you. We will accommodate your needs.

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