• What are the Prerequisites
    • You need to be at our Canyoneering Intermediate level or equivalent
    • If you have questions regarding your experience please call to discuss.
  • Why don’t you guys teach this course in slot canyons?
    • Some of the instruction needs to take place where we can do multiple repetitions without worry of hazardous weather or holding up other groups.
  • Can we shcedule a private course for our group?
    • Yes. We can schedule a private trip at any time for your group.
  • Does ZRMG offer this course for just one person?
    • Yes the price is $265 per day for three days.
  • How physically fit do I need to be?
    • Fitness helps! – canyoneering requires decent fitness as most canyons require hiking and scrambling and occasional swimming in addition to rappelling.
    • Canyons routinely require long hikes, scrambling, and swims. Stemming and chimneying are also common.
  • How young or old can you be to participate?
    • We really don’t have age limits as everyone is different. It’s kind of a case by case basis. Let us know if you have specific concerns.
  • Do you provide transportation?
    • As much as possible we try to provide transportation. We reserve the right to at times ask clients to drive their vehicle to the activities location.

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