Family Canyoneering Adventure

We do not water down our family canyoneering trips. We simply adjust the days activities to fit your particular group. A guided family canyoneerng day is filled with fun and excitement as you enter a world of adventure. Not only do you get the opportunity to do multiple rappels, climb over and under boulders and logs, you get to do all of this in some of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere. Very few people visit these places. The experience you have with your friends and family and the photos and video you take will provide you with memories not soon forgotten.

Days Events


  • Multiple rappels in beautiful slot canyon settings
  • Inherent learning about canyoneering as we move through this unique landscape
  • Spend time with awesome guides who can offer interesting cultural and natural history of the area
  • Down-climbing over logs, boulders, and rock chimneys
  • Seasonal swims through pools of water
  • Breathtaking hiking into and out of slot canyon destinations
  • Taking lots of pictures to capture your fun filled educational day


  • TECHNICAL GEAR required for the trip will be provided.
  • PERSONAL GEAR you must bring:
    • FOOTWEAR (running shoes are sufficient). We supply footwear if there is a chance of getting wet.
    • HIKING CLOTHING (nylon shorts, pants & shirts) they dry fast and do not wick warmth away from the body like cotton.
    • FOOD AND WATER (snack foods, lunch & at least 100oz of H2O/person)
    • SUN HAT


  • Please park your vehicle behind our shop.
  • Bring all of the above personal items into the shop with you.
  • Your guide will explain outfitting and how to pack your gear.



Times fluctuate a bit according to the season. We will confirm a time when you make the reservation.  The following is a general guideline.  All trips are Mountain Time! We cannot stress this enough!

  • Winter (check with us)
  • Spring (March/April/May) 7:00am
  • Summer (June/ July/August) 6:30am
  • Fall  (check with us)


Our address: 1458 Zion Park Blvd Springdale, UT 84767 (we are between the Bestwestern Zion Park Inn and the Chevron Gas Station.)


  • When we can, we provide transportation to and from the activity location.
  • We reserve the right to occassionally have clients drive themselves to and from the location.
  • We appreciate your understanding.


  • Do we need any experience?
    • No, depending on the trails chosen there may be some uneven and steep terrain, but the skills associated can be taught and learned during or time together.
    • Rappelling skills will be taught throughout the day.
  • How physically fit do I need to be?
    • Fitness helps! – but the trails and terrain we choose dictates how hard our trip might be.
    • We can tailor any trip to fit your groups needs.
  • Can Kids do this trip?
    • Absolutely! Kids are natural hikers and climbers. They climb curtains and couches and when rock is present they climb that too. There is no better time for an introdauction to the vertical world than when you are a kid.
    • The youngest we have taken is 4 years of age.
  • How young or old can you be to participate?
    • We really don’t have age limits as everyone is different. It’s kind of a case by case basis. Four years of age seems to be about the age when kids start to appreciate it. Seniors are welcome as well. Let us know if you have specific concerns.
  • Can people who are scared of heights enjoy Canyoneering?
    • Absolutely! If you are willing to give it a shot. For some, it is a great way to overcome or at least face your fear. We like to say that there is good fear and bad fear. Good fear keeps you alive, whereas bad fear keeps you from doing things that you are capable of. Since your trip is private we can also tailor trips specifically for you.
  • What if one of us does not want to continue or wants to sit a particular hike out?
    • Once we are on a trail we are a pack and we willl stick together. Think hard about this before you book a trip and discuss with us any concerns you might have. We can almost always tailor a day to suit any need.
  • Do you provide transportation?
    • As much as possible we try to provide transportation. We reserve the right to at times ask clients to drive their vehicle to the activities location.