Zion Canyoneering Adventure Short Day

This is the next best thing to the Full Day Canyoneering Adventure. This trip runs 4-5 hours depending upon the participants. This trip is great for those that can't commit to a full day or have some concerns over fitness and endurance. We'll enjoy the fun and excitement of the full day in a smaller time frame and smaller canyon. All of the elements of a great canyoneering adventure are present, as we hike, rappel, climb over and under obstacles, and swim through seasonal pools. Know that when you book a trip with us you are booking a private adventure. This means that there will be no one else along to adversely effect your experience and also allows for your guide to tailor the excursion to your needs.

Short Day Canyoneering

  • Allowed Time: 4-5 hours
  • Regular Pricing per person: All adults 18+

Pricing (Per Person)

  • 1 $375
  • 2 $200
  • 3 $175
  • 4 $155
  • 5 $145
  • 6 $135
  • 7+ (group rate) N/A

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