Zion Sunset Cruise

A three hour excursion to the heart of Zion National Park. Our route will take in breathtaking 360 degree views of Zion National Park , the Pine Valley Mountains and the Parashaunt National Monument . This is an absolutely amazing ride that most visitors to Zion will never encounter. We'll time it just right to take in the day's last setting rays of light.

zion park jeep toursNote: Children younger than 8 years old who are under 57" or are under 40 lbs are required to bring their own child car restraints. Our vehicles do not have seat clips for child seats.
**All activities are subject to change should we feel that conditions, weather, safety hazards or any other unforeseen factor could influence the trip in a negative manner. We have a couple of different itineraries we use to accommodate necessary logistical changes.

Sunset Cruise

  • Approx Time: 3 Hours

Pricing (Per Person)

  • 1: to 3 $375
  • 4P:    500