Days Events

  •  Climbing routes to 100ft
  • Learn body movement for the vertical world
  • Learn how the gear works
  • Learn the basics of belaying
  • Take in beautiful scenery
  • Smile and have fun
  • Taking lots of pictures to capture your fun filled educational day

Gear Requirements

  • Technical gear required for the trip will be provided.
  • Personal Gear you must bring:
    • Footwear (running shoes are sufficient). We supply footwear if there is a chance of getting wet.
    • Hiking Clothing (nylon shorts, pants & shirts) they dry fast and do not wick warmth away from the body like cotton.
    • Food and Water (snack foods & at least 100oz of H2O/person)
    • Sunscreen
    • Sun hat

What to expect in the morning

  • Please park your vehicle behind our shop.
  • Bring all of the above personal items into the shop with you. Do not worry about packing them in your own pack.
  • Your guide will explain outfitting and how to pack your gear.

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