Biking in Zion - Weekend Warrior

Biking in Zion - Weekend Warrior

Biking in Zion - Weekend Warrior

Biking in Zion - Weekend Warrior

Biking in Zion - Weekend Warrior

Biking Zion National ParkThis epic weekend is filled with mountain biking to satiate anyone's appetite. We'll stay at Zion Mountain Resort on the east side of Zion National Park and use this as our base camp to access some of the best biking that Southern Utah has to offer.

Biking Warrior

  • Trip Length: 4 Day/3 Night
  • Activities:

Pricing (Per Person)

  • 1: $2,900
  • 2 or more: $2,200


**The activities that make up this trip are all moderately strenuous. Good cardiovascular condition is certainly helpful. If you are questioning your physical fitness please give us a call-we’ll help you evaluate if this trip is right for you.

**All activities are subject to change should we feel that conditions, weather, safety hazards or any other unforeseen factor could influence the trip in a negative manner. We have a couple of different itineraries we use to accommodate necessary logistical changes.


How to get here and other travel suggestions.

By Air

Air IconWe recommend flying into Las Vegas. Airfare to Vegas is usually pretty cheap and serves as a good place to *rent a car which is handy for travelling the rest of the way to Zion. The St. George Shuttle also provides transportation from Vegas to St. George. You can arrange for us to pick you up in St. George ($100) and provide transport to Zion Mountain Resort.

*see below

By Auto

Auto IconHere are some ideas for how to get here. If one of these does not work for where you are coming from contact us and we will give you some advice.

*The freedom to move around freely is important for some folks. A vehicle of your own is not a bad way to go, especially for small private groups. Although we can provide transportation for the entire time you are with us, the mobility you have with  your own car is great and can better enhance your downtime (relaxing time).

Trip Planning